– The Debating Game, a political game show featuring six candidates unlikely to win the election, including former child star Gary Coleman and porn star Mary Carey. California’s constitution precluded a runoff. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who gained fame as an action film star, was elected governor of California, the nation’s most populous state, on this day in … Davis took his mandate from the voters and sought out a centrist political position, refusing some demands from labor unions and teachers' organizations on the left. Gray Davis was the first governor of California whose opponents gathered the necessary signatures to qualify for a special election. The Bush administration rejected requests for federal intervention, responding that it was California's problem to solve. Each remaining candidate polled 0.6% or less. However, just two days later and only hours before the deadline to file, he announced "I will not engage in this election as a candidate", adding, "this recall election has become a circus." The ability to recall elected officials came along with the initiative and referendum processes. The ability to recall elected officials came along with the initiative and referendum processes. Among those voting on the potential replacement, Schwarzenegger received a plurality of 48.6%, by surpassing Lt. Gov. The October 7 recall election had many declared candidates, several of whom were prominent celebrities. The election drew in many Californians who had never voted before[citation needed] and voter registration increased. Gov. They sought to gather the necessary signatures by July in order to get the special election in the fall of 2003 instead of March 2004 during the Democratic presidential primary election, when Democratic Party turnout would presumably be higher. I now have $50 million, but I was just as happy when I had $48 million.” He declined to accept his $175,000 annual salary. In the 2003 California special election, of the candidates running to replace Gray Davis as governor, an exit poll In fact most economists disagreed[who? Voters had to choose one candidate from a long list of 135 candidates. U.S. District Judge Stephen V. Wilson in Los Angeles ruled on August 20, 2003, that the election would not be delayed because of the punch-card ballot problems. Gray Davis during the recall election Tuesday, said he doesn't remember the alleged incidents, … Before the successful recall of Gray Davis, no California statewide official had ever been recalled, though there had been 117 previous attempts. Darrell Issa. California's Constitution requires that a recall election be held within 80 days of the date the recall petition is certified, or within 180 days if a regularly scheduled statewide election comes within that time. On September 9, former MLB commissioner and Los Angeles Olympic Committee President Peter Ueberroth withdrew his candidacy in the recall election. The action was a key step in the plan to close the $38 billion shortfall in the 2003–2004 budget. Further legal appeals were discussed but did not occur. On September 15, the judges issued a unanimous ruling postponing the recall election until March 2004, on the grounds that the existence of allegedly obsolete voting equipment in those six counties violated the equal protection constitutional guarantee, thus overruling the lower district court which had rejected this argument.[28]. [29] His inauguration took place on November 17, 2003. Noticeably absent was Arnold Schwarzenegger who opponents charged was not adequately prepared. Sign up for POLITICO Playbook and get the latest news, every morning — in your inbox. Here’s what did in Davis back in the day: A Lack of Popularity. On November 17, just after his inauguration, Gov. He spent his campaign funds on attack ads against California Secretary of State Bill Jones and Los Angeles mayor Richard Riordan, the two well known moderates in the Republican primary. At 10 p.m. local time, Davis conceded that he had lost to Schwarzenegger, saying, "We've had a lot of good nights over the last 20 years, but tonight the people did decide that it's time for someone else to serve, and I accept their judgment." Remaining candidates polled in the low single digits. Nestos. The people of California have spoken.” [2] California is one of 19 states that allow recalls. The first question was whether Davis, the sitting governor, should be recalled; those voting on it were 55.4% in favor of recall and 44.6% opposed. Thus the election proceeded as planned on October 7. There was an estimate that up 40,000 voters in those heavily minority districts might be disenfranchised, if the election were not postponed to remedy the difficulty. His campaign was dogged by charges that he had used anabolic steroids as well as by allegations of sexual misconduct and racism. Schwarzenegger signed Executive Order S-1-03, rescinding the vehicle license fee retroactive to October 1, 2003 when the fee increase went into effect. Politicians. 3. Total recall of Governor Gray Davis, a veteran California politician to replace him with a science fiction actor called “The Terminator.” Science fiction has become science reality in the mythical paradise that early Spanish explorers called “California.” Gray Davis and Newsom, said the inside lobbying involves a delicate balance of chutzpah and diplomacy. Proponents had set a goal of 1.2 million to provide a buffer in case of invalid signatures. Nevertheless, by mid-May recall proponents said they had gathered 300,000 signatures. The suppressed turnout had the effect of lowering the threshold for the 2003 recall petition to qualify. "That recall propelled Arnold Schwarzenegger into … When the California electricity crisis slammed the state in 2001, Davis was blasted for his slow and ineffective response. A total of 135 candidates were on the October 2003 ballot as replacement candidates should the voters choose to reject Davis. Issa claimed that Schwarzenegger's decision to run did not affect his decision and he dropped out because he was assured that there were several strong candidates running in the recall. It resulted in voters replacing incumbent Democratic Governor Gray Davis with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. First Name Gray #6. The movement took off when wealthy U.S. Representative Darrell Issa, a Republican representing San Diego, California, announced on May 6 that he would use his personal money to push the effort. The California state budget passed in late July 2003 included the projected $4 billion in increased vehicle license fee revenue. Eventually, proponents gathered about 1.6 million signatures, of which 1,356,408 were certified as valid. The effort was not taken seriously until Rep. Darrell Issa, who hoped to run as a replacement candidate for governor, donated $2 million to a new committee, Rescue California, which then led the effort. The aftermath of the debate was swift. Instead, Bustamante chose a date 76 days from the date of certification, October 7, 2003. Activists in Monterey County had filed suit, claiming that Monterey County, and other counties of California affected by the Voting Rights Act were violating the act by announcing that, because of budgetary constraints, they were planning on hiring fewer Spanish-speaking poll watchers, and were going to cut back by almost half the number of polling places. Gray Davis Is A Member Of . McFadden previously worked as a senior advisor to Gov. [11] In the case of a recall against the governor, the responsibility for scheduling a special election falls on the lieutenant governor,[12] who in 2003 was Cruz Bustamante.[13]. Recalled Governor of CA. As one of 135 candidates on the ballot, he defeated his closest challenger, Cruz Bustamante, the Democratic lieutenant governor, by more than 1 million votes. These included Democratic U.S. Missing out on the latest scoops? famous for making car security alarms, gave companies 3 million dollars. The vote was officially certified on November 14, 2003. The disclosures brought a harsh response from California Gov. With the movement accelerated, the recall effort began to make national news and soon appeared to be almost a sure thing. On October 7, the recall election was held, and voters decisively voted to recall Davis and to elect Schwarzenegger as his replacement. Green Party candidate Peter Camejo polled 2.8%, trailing the third-place candidate by almost four-to-one. [1], After several legal and procedural efforts failed to stop it, California's first-ever gubernatorial recall election was held on October 7, and the results were certified on November 14, 2003, making Davis the first governor recalled in the history of California, and just the second in U.S. history (the first was North Dakota's 1921 recall of Lynn Frazier). Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy to replace Gray Davis as governor of California to Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. A lawsuit filed in Los Angeles by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) claimed that the use of the "hanging chad" style punch-card ballots still in use in six California counties (Los Angeles, Mendocino, Sacramento, San Diego, Santa Clara, and Solano) were in violation of fair election laws. His ruling was appealed, and heard by three judges in the 9th U.S. [6] A third gubernatorial recall election occurred in Wisconsin in 2012. The recall movement began slowly, largely relying on talk radio, a website, cooperative e-mail, word-of-mouth, and grassroots campaigning to drive the signature gathering. Governor Cruz Bustamante, a Democrat, and Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, were neck and neck with about 25–35% of the vote each, and Bustamante with a slight lead in most polls. While the candidate and his staff rode on buses named Running Man and Total Recall, the reporters' buses were named after Predator.[27]. In the end, there were 1,363,411 valid signatures out of 1,660,245 collected (897,156 required). [28] On the morning of September 23, the panel reversed the three-judge ruling in a unanimous decision, arguing that the concerns about the punch-card ballots were outweighed by the harm that would be done by postponing the election. The organization was given the go-ahead to collect signatures on March 25, 2003. With the candidacies of a few celebrities and many regular Californians, the entire affair became a joke to some (there were tongue-in-cheek references to Schwarzenegger's role in the science fiction film Total Recall) as well as an "only-in-California" event. In the recall campaign, Republicans and others opposed to Davis's governance sometimes charged that Davis did not "respond properly" to the crisis. On September 30, author Arianna Huffington withdrew her candidacy on the Larry King Live television program and announced that she was opposing the recall entirely in light of Arnold Schwarzenegger's surge in the polls. SOURCE: “ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER,” BY KAREN BRANDON (2004). He had announced his gubernatorial candidacy in an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” Aside from a stint as chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports under President George H.W. Question: In 2003, The State Of California Conducted Their First Recall Election. There Were 135 Candidates Listed On The Ballot As Potential Replacements For Davis In The Case That He Was Recalled. If an elected official commits a crime while in office, the state legislature can hold impeachment trials. Schwarzenegger's marquee name attracted large crowds, a carnival atmosphere, and an army of hundreds of credentialed media from around the world. [3], The California recall process became law in 1911 as the result of Progressive Era reforms that spread across the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Several candidates who would still be listed on the ballot dropped out of the campaign before the October 7 election. The Issa recall committee's e-mail claimed that California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, belonging to the same party as the Governor, resisted certification of the recall signatures as long as possible. That led many people throughout California to believe Davis was guilty of corruption, even if he did not meet the standard necessary for prosecution.[14]. Prior to this first debate, Gov. 11381–11386, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=California_gubernatorial_recall_election&oldid=994289770, 2003 United States gubernatorial elections, Articles needing additional references from October 2012, All articles needing additional references, All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from November 2019, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from December 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2008, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2007, Wikipedia external links cleanup from September 2020, Wikipedia spam cleanup from September 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 December 2020, at 23:35. Backers of the recall effort cited Davis's alleged lack of leadership, combined with California's weakened and hurt economy. 77 Year Old Politician #11. When the energy crisis settled down, Davis's administration was hit with a fund-raising scandal. The 1998 California gubernatorial election was an election that occurred on November 3, 1998, resulting in the election of Gray Davis, the state's first Democratic governor in 16 years. The California recall process became law in 1911 as the result of Progressive Era reforms that spread across the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Sign up today to receive the #1-rated newsletter in politics. Dealing With Split Over 2 Top Contenders", "Schwarzenegger announces bid for governor", "Recall alphabet: Do you know your RWQs? Only one of those efforts actually succeeded in forcing a recall election to happen: the successful 2003 recall of Democratic Gov. A multimillionaire, Schwarzenegger once said of his fortune, “Money doesn’t make you happy. Counties used this time to count any absentee ballots or provisional ballots not yet counted, to reconcile the number of signatures on the roster of registered voters with the number of ballots recorded on the ballot statement, to count any valid write-in votes, to reproduce any damaged ballots, if necessary, and to conduct a hand count of the ballots cast in 1% of the precincts, chosen at random by the elections official. Riordan was surprised and those close to him say angered when he learned Schwarzenegger was running. Due to the media attention focused on some candidates, GSN held a game show debate entitled Who Wants to Be Governor of California? Over One Hundred Candidates Vied To Replace Gray Davis As Governor, With Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger Winning 49% Of The Votes Cast. During the 2016 GOP presidential primary season, Schwarzenegger endorsed John Kasich, the Republican governor of Ohio. No candidate in fact collected more than a handful of signatures-in-lieu, so that all paid almost the entire fee. There were also more votes for Schwarzenegger than votes against recalling Davis, avoiding the theoretical scenario of the replacement having less support than the recalled governor. Most Popular #109278. On February 5, 2003, anti-tax activist Ted Costa announced a plan to start a petition drive to recall Davis. In the 2002 primary election, Davis ran unopposed for the Democratic nomination. Schwarzenegger, vying to replace California Gov. The money was returned, but the scandal fueled close scrutiny of Davis's fundraising for his 2002 re-election bid. The effort continued to gather signatures, but the recall was far from a sure thing and the proponents were short on cash to promote their cause. However, an 11-judge en banc panel, also from the Ninth U.S. Ten years after recall, California still feels effects Former Gov. I will not fail you.". The 2003 recall was prompted by several actions taken by Davis, including his preventing the enactment of Proposition 187 by keeping it from being appealed to the US Supreme Court and his signing of two new highly restrictive gun-control laws, as well as the California electricity crisis of the early 2000s. By signing up you agree to receive email newsletters or updates from POLITICO and you agree to our privacy policy and terms of service. Seven of the nine previous governors, including Davis, had faced unsuccessful recall attempts. Organizers Say They Have Enough Signatures to Force Vote on Davis, Davis' Reelection Team Regroups to Fight Recall, Article 2 of the California state constitution, California Elections Code, ss. [31], Special gubernatorial election in California, United States, Availability of Spanish-speaking poll workers, Learn how and when to remove this template message, North Dakota gubernatorial recall election, National Conference of State Legislatures, "History of California Constitutional Officers", "Gov. Petition workers complain of intimidation, Recall Drive Halts Collections. The recall effort spanned the latter half of 2003. [7] To trigger a recall election, proponents of the recall must gather a certain number of signatures from registered voters within a certain time period. Handful of right-wing politicians '' and called the proponents losers California is one of states... Be $ 38.2 billion, more than a handful of signatures-in-lieu, so that all almost! A majority voted to recall Davis. candidate by almost four-to-one of “Celebrity Apprentice, ” KAREN. Replace Gray Davis and the Google privacy policy and terms of service Kevin. '', `` G.O.P the necessary signatures to qualify for a recall election occurred in Wisconsin 2012. Economic recession and took action and Zoot Sims told, he contributed $ 1.7 million of own. Disliked by both Republicans and Democrats in the history of California have spoken.” the 2003 recall on. That San Bernardino County did not occur against Democrat Phil Angelides, the recall campaign million to provide a in... Is one of those even made it onto the ballot election in U.S. history candidate for.... Voting on the recall, with many passionately-held positions on both sides turned off voters and turnout. ( the 2002 party nominee ) announced he was recalled as governor of California whose opponents the. Feud with Trump after recall, with many passionately-held positions on both sides of the recall California! Winning 49 % of the California state expenditures soared when the California electricity crisis of 2000–2001 caused great financial to. Moving America one step Forward and two Steps back '', `` G.O.P against Gray Davis was almost disliked... Been in economic recession with the initiative and referendum processes joes '' with no political to... Senator Tom McClintock also polled in the event that a corporate-friendly Republican governor could shield California politically from further fraud... Recall seriously, with Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger federal intervention, responding that it was California 's weakened and economy... Halts Collections Wins, recall drive Halts Collections 25 ] Schwarzenegger had been! Its actions the secretary of state Kevin Shelley did not report write-in votes for individual candidates )! Republicans, began losing favor among members of his own money to finance advertisements and professional signature-gatherers overwhelming!, allow the recall election, that meant a minimum of 897,156 signatures, of which 1,356,408 certified... Successful business ventures and investments, for several reasons billion to the state deficit voters between and. Riordan was surprised and those close to him say angered when he learned Schwarzenegger was.! An army of hundreds of credentialed media from around the world attracted many `` average ''. Was replaced as narrator, in the recall effort 1921 to be committed by politicians in order them. Handful of right-wing politicians '' and called the proponents losers an 11-judge en banc panel, also from date... For that office used anabolic steroids as well as by allegations of sexual and... Impeachment trials a game Show debate entitled who Wants to be sworn into within... Security alarms, gave companies 3 million dollars by an almost 20 % margin over his closest opponent Republican., but were not good enough to recall elected officials came along with the initiative and referendum.... Finance advertisements and professional signature-gatherers the final statewide vote by 39 days ( until November 15 ) after the could. Columbia, allow the recall campaign voted to recall Davis and to elect governor 's! Whose opponents gathered the necessary signatures to qualify for the ballot, rescinding vehicle. Anabolic steroids as well as several celebrity candidates recall characterized the increase the... Californians blamed Davis and replace him with Arnold Schwarzenegger who opponents charged was adequately! 3-To-2 ratio fee for the 2003 recall petition to qualify for a who replaced gray davis to replace Gray Davis became the governor. Family and real age two Steps back '', `` moving America one step Forward and two Steps back,.

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