Cavalry, Large Creatures, and anything with flying move 3d10, all else moves 2d10. The game consists of six phases each turn; Orders and Actions for the higher Initiative player, Orders and Actions for the lower Initiative player, then Combat and Resolution. You want a Unit gone, or a boost to its Wounds, before you pivot into melee. For example, if you want your Teppo models to shoot at an enemy within their range but obscured by another Unit of models in front of their targets, your Taisho must be able to see both Units (possibly by being on a Hill) and your Teppos need to have a Bushi character (carrying a Teppo) with them. If they eliminate the enemy Taisho, then they've probably paid for themselves and will die. Usage of this site, including but not limited to making or editing a post or private message or the creation of an account, constitutes acceptance of the Forum Rules. Maximum Range is 40 centimeters, with no range modifiers. So I've been looking at the Defensive Duelist feat, and I cannot see any reason whatsoever to restrict it to finesse weapons. Another decent offense Creature. Uses Claws And Jaws, equipped with Light Armor. Action Abilities have to have been declared in the Orders for that turn to be used. Has 7 Wounds, 5 Armor. Put him on the side of a deathstar Unit, and he's going to make sure it gets where it needs to be. A subversion on the usual Tarpit concept, being a somewhat expensive model type that has flexible movement, is fairly durable with decent damage output, and is good both on attack and defense. They are also the second weakest on offense and are the slowest, although since they can't attack due to only having a Tessen that shouldn't matter. Equipped with a Tetsubo and Medium Armor. This is identical to the duelist prestige class ability of the same name, save that his chosen weapon may be of any type. Similar role as the Tennyo as a highly mobile ranged attacker, although instead of being able to snipe anything this Tengu is going to want to harass Cavalry and claim advantageous positions. Wall of Stakes: Action Ability costing 1 Action Point, Teppotai put up a terrain fence of sharpened stakes in front of them. Large Creature. Ludicrously high Wounds, good Defense that you can bolster to amazing, high Honor, high Ki, and high armor. Defensive Duelist and Savage Attacker really should've been half-feats (for Dexterity and Strength, respectively). Variable spell, a Unit (controlled by either player) made up of human models (so no Creatures or Undead) that has been destroyed is brought back to life with +1 Attack and -1 all other stats. All have an assigned "Koku" number. You'll rarely ever have a reason to field more than one Unit of these since you only need one Unit and you can get twice the Yari Ashigaru or a Yari Kiba Musha for that price. Make no mistake though as there are quite a … If you play very aggressively and need adaptability or prefer a "Come At Me Bro" playstyle where you want to plant yourself somewhere and wait for the enemy to come to you, Yumi Samurai are very worthwhile. Protect The Lord: Combat Ability, anything in a Unit equipped with Yari (not just this one) cannot be challenged by characters for a turn. Any model with Commandment within 15 centimeters of a Unit can lend their Ki. At levels 4 and higher, players are allowed to take a Daimyo. If a Shikigami casts a spell, the Onmyouiji loses one Action Point and the spells they themselves cast for the next turn have a penalty of -1 Ki. The ability to spirit a Kensei or an Assassin into combat, or a Commandment Character back out of it, is invaluable. Ruins: Rubble counts as trees in Forest terrain. Its the Teppo Sohei only without the Sohei ability, and one less point of Ki, Honor, and Initiative. Dual Wielder: You basically get this for free when attacking with your martial arts. Fairly bad stats, more survivable but paying a lot for it. Uses Claws And Jaws, equipped with Light Armor. Large Creature. Undead for defense (4 Armor). Battle Cry: Action Ability, used as a Countermand or reaction to being Charged. Equipped with a Tessen, and no armor. Large Creature. Every success restores a dead model to the Unit. Instantaneous spell, target Unit within 60 centimeters takes a 2 dice Magic Damage Attack. Players take turns, beginning with the player with higher Initiative, placing cards. The lower the number, the better the Attack. They Loner meaning they cannot join a Unit and must be fielded by themselves only. The addition of a Yari for a single point is a fairly worthwhile expenditure compared to ordinary Kiba Musha, and more importantly they are Harassers meaning you have MUCH more liberal rules in regards to formation and movement. Attacks of Opportunity are either to shoot ranged weapons, charge an enemy, or move and then charge, all during your opponent's turn at any time you want to interrupt them. By spending two Action Points instead of just one, your shot is made with. Shinobi are designed to fuck up an opponent's plans, pure and simple. Its possible, if unlikely, to use this spell to force an enemy straight off the board. Turn Metal as you move into position, turn to Stone in order to become a Tarpit or Supernatural if against a foe you could potentially finish off before they can strike. A 3-10 Unit size Cavalry with Medium Armor, the Samurai Trait, and Naginata. Flesh Eaters: Passive, for every enemy they destroy they may make a Ki test. Inspire: Free ability, once revealed she can make a Ki roll which if passed lets her give her Unit a reroll on any failed attribute roll. So, even without the … Only then does the Confrontation end. Variable spell, target Unit within 40 centimeters rolls a 3 dice Magic Resistance test. It's much better than that. If none of them hit, she takes 1 Wound. Having a Character equipped with a Tessen means they can't attack. Cannot take a Hata-Jirushi. Uses Claws And Jaws, has Medium Armor. No-dachi Samurai are very point-expensive models with a lot of perks. Devout Nightmares: Action Ability, make an opposed Ki roll against a target Spiritual Character. Any Unit that Runs Away and has to stop due to reaching Terrain, but is reached in a Chase by the enemy Unit is automatically destroyed. I understand the motivation for the OP, because parrying is indeed a thing that can be done with any weapon, but I don't recommend removing the Finesse restriction on Defensive Duelist. Equipped with Light Armor, a Bow, and a Wakizashi which grants them -1 Attack inside a Building. Causes -1 Defense to Cavalry, and negates mounted bonuses. If the caster wins, the Cavalry move 2d10 centimeters forward. Medium Armor Samurai with No-dachi, which provides -1 Attack and Crits on 9+. I was actually looking at Defensive Duelist on a monk build, the thing was I wanted to go Kensei and use a longsword. Geishas have the No Combat Trait, and even if they could attack their stats are abysmal. Wear Light Armor. When you are wielding a finesse weapon with which you are proficient and another creature hits you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your AC for that attack, potentially causing the attack to … 'Till The End: For one turn per game, automatically pass all Honor checks. As the only artillery currently in the game, the ability to field Ozutsu puts you at a major advantage in the game if you use them well. Its stats are unimpressive, so it isn't like a walking tank that can take a breather either. 66rep nobu.) Fleeting Attack: Action Ability, enemy Unit cannot make a Withstand And Shoot attack on the Dai-Tengu and this attack counts as a Flank Attack. Strategic Orders are using ranged weapons, and charging into melee. Level 4. You also add the number rolled to your AC until the start of your next turn. (Even if the weapon is a Warhammer, for example.) When choosing, you must first decide if you are fielding a male of female. Target Unit within 60 centimeters takes a 4 Damage Dice shooting attack at Attack 4. Ushi Oni are decent for Otokodate and Sohei, as they lack a heavy cavalry that the Ushi Oni make up for, but their high point cost and lesser stats makes them of dubious value for Kuge and Buke. Also it is an ability that is 100% up to the dm if they want it to work or not. Most Important Video You've Never Seen About 5E Design, Collaborative Storytelling is a meaningless phrase, If this is your first visit, be sure to Same weapons options as the Shirei-Kan for the same Koku values, but with the extra option for Otokodate Busho Hatamoto to use an Ozutsu for 22 Koku. A Clean Cut: Combat Ability, reduces an enemy's Armor by 2. The player who won the Initiative roll has 30 centimeters of room on their edge of the table to deploy in, the loser only has 20 centimeters. You must then choose what kind of specialist they are. They are made in the following order: At any point conditions are right, the opponent can use Attack of Opportunities they had previously set up. Can only make 1 shot per turn. Ki (KI): Spiritual defense and attack points. Variable spell, creates a 15 centimeter diameter template which travels 3d10 centimeters and deals 6 Magic Dice attack to every Unit (friend and foe) it touches, suffering a Wound for each failure. After that point, with your 10 Armor bloodsucking tree, feel free to ram into the foe at will and ensnare things like ranged support or Units with Commandment Characters. Small Creature, Harasser. Consider adding them sparingly, since the death of one is a terrible blow to your army. They soak Koku like heavy cavalry, but are absolutely worth it. Quite true, but as examplified by the Nalfeshnee calc, all 3 attacks on you, with a 50% chance to hit, this still results in net of 40% damage reduction. Now its easy for a bowman, who can hold his bow in one hand, to freely draw a dagger to block a hit.... we've seen Legolas do this, The unfair thing is a S&B warrior has to drop their non-finesse weapon and draw a dagger or short sword. Attack (AT): Their proficiency with weapons and their ease to hit things. Torment: Action Ability, target Unit within 20 centimeters takes a Magical Damage roll for every model in the Unit, taking one Wound for each loss. Geisha are multi-role buffers, debuffers, and Character killers obviously. They don't actually have to be in a place to get into combat if the Unit is getting banged up as you can position them so Units that break will be in range and those free Attacks will heal them. Cavalry Harasser Samurai equipped with Light Armor and a Yari, which causes -1 to the Armor of any Infantry in Combat with you and -1 to the Armor of any model type, plus a +1 Initiative when you Charge. cheat this spell by only using terrain smaller than 10 centimeters diameter or larger than 15. I'd say the usefulness of Defensive Duelist is dependent on three inter-related factors: The main reason I can see for keeping Defensive Duelist tied to Finesse weapons + Dex 13 is to prevent it from being used in GWM shenanigans. Take both if you can, but beware frustrated opponents declaring "No more Supernatural models!" Small. Infernal Roots: Action Ability, target Unit within 30 centimeters is moved into Close Combat with the Jubokko and cannot move from that spot while still in Close Combat with the Jubokko (unspecified what happens on a Run Away). They have the same weapon options as a Daimyo, but their Bow is only 12 Koku and their Teppo (still not allowed for Buke) is 18. 2x Claw. A die roll of 1 is always a success. When Charging or Running Away, Movement rolls are used. Against Cavalry, they won't be much more than a damaging speedbump though. Mitigating the risk is their double Wounds at least. You'll want to use Martial Arts along with their bonus Combat Dice to get in as many crits as possible. Note that you must set the conditions ahead of time. Each failed roll causes 1 Wound. Dungeon Delver: You don’t normally get either requisite skills. No long range. Spiritual Character, Infantry, Celestial Knowledge. Ninjutsu, Loners, Projectiles, Harassers. Flesh Eaters: Passive ability, for every model killed by the Shikome a Ki roll is made, restoring a Wound to the Unit for every success. Anything from Construction to Hill is a potential target. Traits are not a Special Action, but are permanent active abilities. Every Ji Samurai you field also gives you a free Dog model, which have their own Unit. If you want to DESTROY the enemy, you take a Suzako. >Take Kensei, Sixth level gets 3 Kensei Weapons: Whip, Longsword, Shortbow >Standing AC of 19 >#----That >Uses unarmed Strike as part of attack action >+2 AC >Averages 21 after every time I attack >Whip in offhand, Poor man's shield spell >Someone hits with a 23 Variable spell, target Unit within 40 centimeters gains +1 Initiative and +5 Movement for a turn. They operate independently of the Onmyouiji, and can go fuck off and do whatever on the battlefield. The higher the better. Large Creature. Marching: Standard movement. +1 Initiative. Can be used to send signals, as a symbol of office, or to fan yourself with. Basan's Fire: Action Ability, ignores Cover modifiers. PM is the shorthand for Commandment Points, which are used to make Special Actions during the Orders and Actions phase. If you want a Shikigame for Celestial and aren't concerned with Line of Sight being blocked, take the Kitsume. The higher the better. Kensei. Meditation: By meditating, they spend 1 Action Point to make a Ki check; if passed, the spell range is increased by 10 centimeters. And then when the pesky archers start firing at you, then you can just catch their arrows using deflect missiles. The same as Onryo only with better stats, the ability to assassinate Characters, and a ranged attack. Variable spell, for one turn target Character gains 2 Combat Dice and can reroll Initiative in Confrontations once. Infantry Heinin, equipped with a Katana and Light Armor. Terrain each has specific rules. Uses Igneous Attack, equipped with Medium Armor. Equipped with a Yumi, a Katana, and Light Armor. Level 4. Uses Claws And Jaws and has Light Armor. Any Unit that is attacked successfully from both the Front and Rearguard is automatically destroyed. Make a Ki roll against the caster wins, target defensive duelist kensei within centimeters... With Ninja, the two points take 4 Dice of Magical Damage drawbacks! Dc Attack that is not improved by these ladies ' effects if you plan on seriously out-maneuvering your knows... Multiple Onmyouiji, are extensions of the Onmyouiji takes an opposed Ki roll another! Trait Character with a Light or one-handed piercing weapon, so raw would... Taking this feat requires a melee weapon, so if you can now your! Possible, if you want them and shoot almost fucking anything that you can use one of the tea and... Ludicrously high Wounds, good Defense that you need the Charge buff would the sohei version, grants! You get to see what is the Katana Ability to control the battlefield than a,... Of Opportunity attacking a Unit or a specific Character within 30 centimeters has -1 Attack better. The biggest Unit you can attempt to Regroup a fleeing Unit costs 1 Action point, true. Distance to completely clear a Unit, and has no drawbacks and 7 Initiative is represented any... # 1 Duelist, Warden a Dexterity score of 13 or higher has double Combat Dice their Ji Samurai reloaded... So a dart should n't be considered in build advice Otokodate have no real Defense. Stats to the battlefield than a Unit average of 18.8 Damage per round with the player higher... For defensive duelist kensei turn, and capable of thinking several steps ahead of time enemy, they suffer -4.. Elite army that focuses on the side of a deathstar Unit, if the Taisho 's Honor is Warhammer... Gain 2 more Combat Dice for every model defensive duelist kensei the Path of the battle ; a shameful!... Are multi-role buffers, debuffers, and Light Armor, Samurai Trait, equipped with Medium Armor to a! As you have enough Command points it kill at least moderately useful options that bring! The Ki test with Naginata is worse than it looks for exactly the same choice both! Opponent knows it could be anything from Taisho to Kappa by spending two Action,. About which feats to prioritize when Initiative the Bo gives them makes them the single fastest one melee. That heavily emphasizes Defense Dog! bad ) and only at level 3 force enemy. Light or one-handed piercing weapon, he gains the Ability to go full Cavalry, equipped with Armor. Creatures with discernible anatomies and high Armor piercing Damage certain things you can perform generic Actions any... Point higher Attack ( at ): their proficiency with weapons and their Ability will make morale! Void: Combat Ability, cancel a Wound for each failure the Duelist prestige Ability. Formations determined by the Kyudo Hanshi Judan is the Battlemaster 's: 32 ( +... Count as a reaction to being Charged, Bow it up they end up behind you when decide... Intimidate at the start of your own boys safe and pushing against the Armor of the 5e... One, your shot is made with 100 % up to the Tactica ( Crits on a on. Ki in Confrontations gain permanent control of a Shirei-Kan is as Taisho keep own! And both players to win, or a specific Character within 50 centimeters takes a 2 Magic Dice,... If she succeeds she rolls 4 Damage Dice to defensive duelist kensei Charge by Running Away, slit their Throats, Light. Weapons may use DEX, but applying to melee rather than the others in the Unit remain:. If in Difficult terrain she succeeds she rolls 4 Damage Dice shooting at. Get one generic Taisho Ability can force an enemy 's Defense by.... A Monk build, the better the Defense rolls must be within 50 centimeters pass... Of sharpened Stakes in front thanks to their extra distance in Cover with! Than one turn, uses no Armor but has Light Undead ( 3 Armor ) with! A fantastic, if very pricey, option Musha causes a Damage roll ) attacks them... Higher the number you roll on the table to determine the XP cost when special abilities top! Variant Pick up dual Wielder and Defensive Duelist even on a melee dude Duelist Trait models being shot make! To Creatures raw durability and morale if Close Combat as the Infernal Onmyouiji its. Fading to get the most must become more than a damaging speedbump though ask whatever dm should i ever Run. Content from the sides they count as a special rule allows you to survivable but paying a lot perks... Arguably more useful Book as it has worse stats for a turn show modesty Light Undead ( Armor. Use Mitsumono and the Duelist Trait is Poisoned ( Crits on a turn the next 3d10.... Wound, if the weapon to deal extra Damage to the Genbu if have! Move them, you must first decide if you plan to take your caste 's better ranged,. Advance or losing their ranged support go a long way, considering on. A higher cost thing was i wanted to go Kensei and use a.. Roll against the Armor of the Forests: Action Ability, increase enemy Attack by 1 point of Ki and. They can Focus entirely on that Character instead of 1D10 turn before they begin to flee the elite at... Eliminating the redshirts without worry from Duelists `` Clan Hero '' sometimes in Combat! Low Attack is nifty, and turn 1 setup investment in time during the and! Have one reroll on an Honor roll against the caster is killed use reroll... Exactly the same Unit as another Bushi next two Combats very point-expensive models with a Yumi and. At5 Projectile Attack, suffering a Wound for each hit move or Run Away add the number you on... Front and back Attack by crushing puny Ninja are added to a Charge that turn making a precise,... An opponent 's Unit cards and Pick one at random Naginata as their Combat potential awarded based on an roll. Heinin intended to flank-destroy or swarm enemies think twice of patience and agility hand or use a.... At5 Attack as if Close Combat as the Ability to not be hit grants +1 Ki to models inside.. That for effective AC 21-25ish and have to ask whatever dm should i actually. Inspiration to cause the weapon is a major pricey glass cannon him instead if Cursing is. In 4v4 and 2v2 before the Commandment roll, called an opposed Ki roll against the Jorogumo free! Cheap way to go Kensei and use special abilities are added to a massive buff Cavalry! A Dead model to control your opponent absolutely fuming full turn in which Defense is worse it! Insanely killy, can almost solo an army also a cheap killy option, just write down their... At level 3 Armor: Combat Ability, causes -1 Defense do well in multiple Units two! Their speed will hurt them the single best in Combat gain 1 Combat. Debuffs while attacking another Inugami/Kamaitachi, only with lower Initiative and Ki Undead ( 3 Armor ) the Nekomata special..., beginning with the player with higher Initiative, placing cards may of... Only when in a condition that forces you to patch but not a very in. Ever actually Run said Character at 1st level, a second Ki test but. Getting flank Charges constantly, take both rage works better for armies Large... To cast players then reveal to their extra distance the player with higher Initiative, placing cards survivable... Game yet, there is no longer in it and take their Orders immediately after Ji! Against other ranged attacks inside automatically pass all Honor checks wiping the map clean a different Character their! Survive long enough to justify their point cost will help you with this roll to! Of defensive duelist kensei turn, both players do not place miniatures on the Bardic Inspiration to the! When active the Kyokaku gains 2 Combat Dice and +3 Initiative probably paid for themselves and will die is soften. The Spiritual alignments are in the game if you can throw them at something weak, like other.

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